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What Are The Advantages Of Mesotherapy?
Sep 06, 2016

We first of all to recognize what is really Mesotherapy, due to the current market everywhere RF power, 

will have a lot of buyers out dizzy, so-called real Mesotherapy refers to the RF, it is the use of " 

capacitive coupling electrode "to generate a high-frequency radio waves and transmit energy through the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue. subcutaneous collagen tissue irritation and stimulate its regeneration and recombinant collagen.


Because the RF power technology is the latest and one of the best products, so the market a lot of beauty instruments are "nominal" as the RF power, the most common is the "frequency pulse machine", 

the so-called frequency pulse machine that requires the use of two pole through human skin impedance, 

resulting in a positive and negative magnetic field produces a corresponding, but this is no matter how high pulse frequencies, most of which produce effects only enhance the firming effect in the epidermis, 

the dermis can not enter layer cross the original protein production changes, 

(the most common is the need for two stick, or use the machine requires a patch attached to the body, along with another probe).

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