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Time Interval And Laser Treatment
Sep 06, 2016

After the laser treatment subsided pigment granules discharge time is generally 3-6 months. Since the pigment disorder after different pigment particle size, type, depth, different color and individual color, metabolism, age and other individual differences, laser therapy fade pigment granules discharge time and the degree varies. Lesions more light, the younger, the sooner the treatment the better person. Generally, freckles, sunburn and other superficial pigment disorders need 1-2 times, take 3-4 times error tattoo, amateur tattoos require 4-6 times. Professional tattoo need 8-10 times, deep pigment nevus of Ota and other diseases need 5-6 times at intervals of 2-3 months.

Laser treatment spots, moles and other skin there will be a natural recovery process, like a normal pregnancy, a pregnant woman can only have one day delivery, like, who can not go beyond. After laser surgery, initially, the wound may have a black eschar, 1-3 days, the wound has a slight swelling and bleeding (especially the larger wound area or burning in the eyes area), a few blisters, crusting and then dried , 10-2 days, crazy exfoliation healing, healing, few patients will appear atrophic scars or hypertrophic scars. After the surface of the skin may appear white dye laser treatment to heal, and then red, or appear pale brown, 3-9 months after the pigment gradually close to the skin. Age more light, good skin people recover sooner. So do the laser treatment to be patient and avoid impatient, asking for trouble.