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Some Beauty Equipment Operating Skills
Sep 06, 2016

A facial wrinkle, lifting, firming - Facial Beauty Equipment Operation

Be sure to follow the grain of the muscle to the operation face raise up to do. 

When the operation started to decline with lighter slip in passing. So to repeat, the whole operating face 40 minutes.

Second, the bags under the eyes, crow's feet, dark circles

Operation must pay attention to avoid the eye, according to the orbicularis muscle direction, 

from inside to outside light lift up, gently slide the hand tool also fell, two eyes for about 30-40 minutes.

Third, cook eye lift, go to Sichuan word lines, forehead wrinkles

Hand pulling up with the energy regulator likened to face lower levels 1-2, 10-20 minutes.

Fourth, facial plastic, go nasolabial


When operating according to the face around, of different sizes, the proportion of symmetrical face contour, the nasolabial fold depth to shaping facial contours. The method is also the muscle to principle, from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside, on the oblique mention, the whole face 40 minutes.