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Ibeier Plasma Pen Working Principle
Oct 03, 2018

Ibeier plasma pen working principle

Plasma sine wave - Ionization and ignition- High voltage frequency conversion

Beierplasm is through voltage output and frequency control to adjust plasma wave shooting, without any electronic or electrochemotherapy control.

According to different working temperature, humidity and altitude with big influence to energy cause bigger or smaller energy. 


We offer in total 24 power level with wide energy range to adjust so that meet all countries and clients use. Battery already solve the pulse problem could charging it until full. Other machine in the market will pause on 1/3 or anywhere.

Recommend working environment: temperature 15 ℃ - 35 ℃、humidity 40% - 80% , altitude 0m – 500m Over this environment limit will reduce machine serve life.


Wrinkle remove

Needle keep 0.1-0.5mm distant with skin and start shooting

Should working next to wrinkle but not on the wrinkle,same to eyelied lifting and stretch marks removing

Neoplasm and spot remove

Using tweezers slightly pinch up spot and using bigger energy cut these organization directly

After it is finish wiping by alcohol then wit it dry.

Spider veins remove

Using smaller energy work on the right veins,do not make strenuous exercise within one week.

Can not touch water within 24 hours