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Care After Laser Treatment
Sep 06, 2016

1) may occur when the treatment of mild pain, but also a brief swelling and other reactions will go away.

2) callus membrane 7-14 days off, wound healing. Individual patients may occur after normal temporary pigmentation gradually absorbed. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigment reflux.

During 3) healing can be coated with an antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infection. Avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. Otherwise it will produce short-term pigmentation, scarring may occur after infection.

4) the scab off previously treated area is not in contact with water, no makeup, do not rub, avoid spicy, tobacco and alcohol. Fasting in the near future deep color foods such as: coffee, Pepsi, let the scab off on their own, can not be forced to peel off. Do not participate in strenuous exercise, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

5) Where a pigmented skin treatment, must pay attention to the sun, faded pigment is a slow biological processes, usually 1-3 months, during which we must continue sunscreen. For best results, treatment should be repeated, it should be an interval of 3 months or more.