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Beierplasm K85 Wholesale
Dec 15, 2018

We are professional beauty machine supplier exported our plasma pen to all over the world.Such as UK,French,Italy,USA,Switzerland,Sweden,Australia,Germany,Netherlands,Spain,Portugal,Poland....

We are recruiting distributors around the world to development more potential big market.

At present, regarding this hot project ibeier plasma pen K85,we have signed exclusive agencies in the Netherlands, United States and Switzerland. Other countries are negotiating...

So far ONLY our company offer beierplasm K85 in China,most important have got approved patent from China government. 
Medical CE from Italy celab body certification.

OEM Order MOQ 20 units,Customized your own brand logo in the pen boot interface program when turn on machine.


Beierplasm K85 Warranty 5 years perfect afte sale service.