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Beauty Equipment Principle Analysis
Sep 06, 2016

The human ear can hear the sound frequency of 20 ~ 20,000Hz. When a sound wave vibration frequency is greater than 20000Hz or less than 20Hz, we would not hear. Therefore, we have higher than 20000Hz frequency sound waves called "ultrasound."

The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the stronger penetration. Ultrasonic frequencies typically used in the beauty industry as 1-3MHz.

Ultrasound is directional, strong penetration, easy to get more focused acoustic energy propagation distance and so on. Therefore, more and more industries are applied.

Beauty Equipment ultrasound technology since the 1980s, since the introduction of beauty session. Its treatment of a wide range of quick, high cure rate, easy operation and promote the popular, has become a large beauty instrument in the most practical, the most popular devices. With the progress of science and technology, a new generation of professional ultrasonic beauty equipment, turned out to bring its excellent quality, powerful features, luxurious appearance quickly swept the beauty industry.03.jpg