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Facial Beauty Salon Machine with Ce
Mar 22, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: OxyPDT(II)

  • Theory: Oxygen

  • Portable: Non Portable

  • Oxygen Concentration: >95%

  • Oxygen Supply: From Air Around

  • Warrenty: 24 Months

  • Specification: SGS ISO13485, CE

  • HS Code: 8543709990

  • Type: Facial Steamer

  • Application: Salon

  • Technique: Oxygen Therapyt&Vacuum Roll Ball&PDT

  • Rated Voltage: 220V+15% or 110V+15%

  • Display: Touch LCD Colour Screen

  • Trademark: RaceMBE

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Oxypdt Multifunctional 96% density of oxgyen& PDT Equipment (CE, ISO13485 since1994)

1. Oxygen therapy
1) High pressure pure Oxygen inject to face or body
Inject 95% Oxygen and activity products through no pin-head pressure infusion, inject to the base layer of the skin by the pressure of 2.2bar to treat and improve uneven skin, wrinkle, loose skin, pigment, aging skin and other skin problems caused by lack of Oxygen.

2) Oxygen spray
To give a pure Oxygen massage for skin by output Oxygen and Oxygen essential fluid with the status of fog by special sprayer, especially suit for after beauty care operation, eg: Laser treatment, acne and renew deep skin treatment care, it can spray only pure oxygen or pure oxygen together with essential fluid.

3) Inhalation & Aromatherapy
You will feel relax and comfort when Oxygen enter into the body though respiratory tract, together with using mixture 100% pure oil essence, to more achieve the result of recover physical, balance mood effective, to realize the result of adjustment inside and treatment outside, and healthy together with skin care combination.

4) Pure Oxygen mask
Meantime together with skin care mask or products to improve absorbing ability of cells, to fully absorb effectual ingredient of mask and products and to realize synchronous of absorbing Oxygen and rising nutrition value, to reduce the wrinkle, whiten skin and achieve double tender skin effect.

2. Negative pressure vacuum roll ball therapy
To transport lymph by using the roll ball on the probe and standard pressure output by appliance, giving deep manage for face and body's connective tissue and lymph system, strengthening functions of tissue, promoting blood circulation, removing extra water and pigment, meantime improving skin, smoothing skin, promoting spring to achieve tighten and reducing wrinkle, repairing contour and figure.

3. O2PDT mask
Based on photodynamic theory, O2PDT can treat inflamed acne, repair aging and sun burn skin, without any hurt and uncomfortable sense. When high purity, high power density light of red, blue, green and yellow sent out by treatment system irradiate on face or body, adopt continuous or pulsed light to change cell structure. O2PDT is on the base of PDT to treat synchro therapy with adding pure Oxygen, while PDT kills inflamed bacterium, Oxygen will provide a suitable condition for new cells, speed the effect of treatment and shorten treatment time.

Red PDT:
Made the increasing speed of muscle and skin cells different from normal, promoting the grow process, accelerate the growth of new collagen, thicken and reset the structure of derma, and form spring, exquisite and healthy skin, prompting the healing of wound.

Blue PDT:
To active the producing porphyrin in acne to produce toxic singlet oxygen, to kill bacillus in acne, rapid reduce acne blain and treat whelk skin.

Yellow PDT:
With the similar function of red light, also with the functions of drain and dredge lymph.

Green PDT:
With the function of whiten and reducing spot by osmosis to the base layer of the skin.

1. Improving collagen activity, removing wrinkle, tighten pore and skin.
2. Reducing stain, aging spots, improving uneven pigment, whiten skin.
3. Increasing cytoactive, improving dark skin, make skin tender and white.
4. Treating acne, balance the oil secreting.
5. Removing the extra toxin in body, tighten facial outline, skin, and increasing spring for the body skin.
6. Repairing injured skin, reducing aglow skin left by over peel, laser treatment and other stimulating treatment, rebuilding healthy cell, increasing skin's immunity function.

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Produce oxygenTransformation adsorption method(SPA)+ Dynamic poise noise damping and reduction of noise system
Inhalation & AromatherapyFlow Rate0.5-5L/Min
Consistency0.5-3L/Min/hour, 95%± 3%
3-4L/Min/hour, 90%± 3%
4-5L/Min/hour, 75%± 3%
Oxygen SprayFlow rate8L/Min± 0.5
Consistency90%± 3%
Oxygen Infusion
Max instantaneous pressure2.2bar
Consistency90%± 3%
Pulse width of oxygen infusion10-250ms
Cycle of oxygen infusion0.1-9.9 s


Negative pressure vacuum roll ball part
Method of formingNo-oiled vacuum air pump
Vacuum degree-90-0 KPa
Mode of filterMultiplayer filter
Instructions of vacuum degreeLCD digital display
Vacuum degree adjustTouch screen unlimited adjust


Types of light sourceESLD(Extra Super Luminous Diodes)
ColorRed, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Cyan, Yellow
PDT output wavelengthRed (visible)640± 10nm
Green (visible)525± 10nm
Blue (visible)470± 10nm
PDT outputContinuous light or pulsed light
ESLD number432pcs
Oxygen maskConsistency of Oxygen90%± 3%
Flow Rate of Oxygen8L/Min± 0.5
Oxygen nozzle16pcs
Dimension of light spot170mm× 55mm× 4
Max energy densityMAX: 200mw/cm2
Max radius of turn700mm
Max steering angle of pole bracket180 degree
Electrical Requirements220VAC+15% or 110VAC+15%
Power Consumption425W
Rated current2.20± 0.10A
Export package40cm(W)× 50cm(D)× 104cm(H)
Net WeightNet: 45.2kg