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Discount! ! ! Liposonix Effective Body Slimming Shaping Hifu Beauty Machine
Mar 21, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: SM-LP576

  • Theory: Ultrasonic Hifu

  • Portable: Portable

  • Medical Device Regulatory Type: No

  • Function: Body Slimming Shaping

  • Input Power: 200W

  • Operate Interface: 10.4 Inch Color Touched Screen

  • Frequency: 230kHz+20kHz/-20kHz

  • Certificate: Ce Approved

  • Trademark: SM

  • Origin: Guangzhou

  • Type: Slimming Machine

  • Application: Salon, Home, Clinic

  • Medical Devices Ad. Approval No.: No

  • Medical Devices Reg./Record No.: No

  • Technology: Hifu Ultrasonic Liposonix

  • Foused Depth: 1.3cm/0.8cm

  • G.W: 30kgs

  • Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz

  • One Shot: 576 Points

  • Specification: 455mm*350mm*1000mm

  • HS Code: 9006591000

Product Description
Discount !!!  Liposonix Effective Body Slimming Shaping HIFU Beauty Machine

Operate Interface10.4 inch  color touch screen
 Input power200W
Focal depth1.3cm/0.8cm
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz
Dimension455 mm×350mm×1000mm
G.W30 Kg
Longevity525 shots
One shot 576 points

Detail of machine

LipoSonix is device new to the United States that has been used overseas to permanently get rid of fat cells and reduce waist size. LipoSonix uses focused ultrasound waves to permanently get rid of fat cells selectively in your problem areas. Liposonix gets rid of these fat cells without surgery and with minimal side effects or downtime.

For decades, people have been trying to selectively remove fat from problem areas, using belts, injections, exercise and many other cosmetic surgery techniques. Until now, the only way to really remove fat from a selective area was liposuction. Now there is Liposonix. 


2. How does Liposonix work?

Despite the popularity of the treatment, many still ask the question: "What is Liposonix and how does it work?" LipoSonix uses special technology called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to cause the death of fat cells safely and effectively. Focusing the ultrasound energy of LipoSonix at 1-2 cm below the surface of the skin avoids any burns or trauma to the skin and makes the treatment more comfortable. The fat cells are disrupted by the HIFU, resulting in an average 4-5 cm (1.5-2 inches) reduction in waist 2-3 inch size smaller for an one hour.


3. What happens to the fat after Liposonix?

The disrupted fat cells attract the body's inflammatory and healing responses. Special cells called macrophages engulf the fat and cellular debris. The macrophages then transport the fat through the lymphatic and venous system, eventually to the liver. This process takes 2-4 weeks, so there are no changes in fat, triglyceride, or any other body chemistries. The liver treats the fat from the macrophages just like fat you have eaten. The liver takes the fat and metabolizes it normally. Studies have not shown an increase in other body measurements after the use of LipoSonix. This means there is no measurable redistribution of the fat. We know it can't go back to the treatment area because those cells no longer exist.

4. Who is a good candidate for Liposonix in Dallas?

LipoSonix is best for certain patients. Both women and men can be candidates. You should be able to pinch at least an inch of fat in your area of concern. A layer of fat less than an inch probably does not require treatment. You should also be fairly close to your ideal body weight. Persons with Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 30 may be candidates. If your BMI is greater than 30, you will probably do better with liposuction than with LipoSonix. Currently LipoSonix has been approved for use on the abdomen and love handles. Some patients may be appropriate for other body areas. 

5. What kind of results can I expect from Liposonix?

LipoSonix permanently disrupts the fat cells in the treatment area. One treatment is recommended in the area. A treatment takes about an hour. The current studies showed an average decrease in waist size of 4.6 cm or 1.8 inches after 3 months. This is essentially one pant size. These results are from the first generation LipoSonix machine.Innovations Medical has the second generation LipoSonix machine. Clinical studies for the second generation LipoSonix machine are currently underway. The early reports are showing the same or better overall reduction using the second generation LipoSonix machine. Although some results from LipoSonix are often seen in 1-2 weeks, it often takes 3-6 month for the final results to be realized.

6. Will LipoSonix help me lose weight?

LipoSonix is NOT a weight loss procedure. The fat cells are permanently disrupted with LipoSonix treatment. However, the fat inside the cells is not destroyed. The fat is carried back to your liver and treated just like the food you eat. Once processed by the liver, the fat released by LipoSonix treatments is sent back out to fat cells in the body. Since the fat cells the fat came from are no longer present due to the LipoSonix treatment, the fat
cannot return to the treatment area. Typically, it will go to multiple places in the body and result in few if any measurable increases to other body areas. It is important to remember: LipoSonix permanently disrupts fat cells but does not destroy or eliminate fat. You cannot use LipoSonix for weight loss, only inches loss.

Advantages of liposonix

1. Non-surgical  treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.

2. Safety: it selectively takes effects one the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly, and 
then the fat sells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of human body's natural endogenous metabolism.

3. Intelligent design: Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, easy to learn, safe and convenient.

4. Convenience: The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset, no down-time, without any affects to normal lift and work.

5. Effective results: After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced; after 3 treatment, 5-8cm fat will be removed. Remarkable slimming results without bounce.


Effect of liposonix


Delivery and Shipping
Delivery within 3-5 days off season, 5-7 days busy season after payment. 
Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc express couriers' door to door service and by air cargo to some airport of your country. 

Our Services
One year warranty: if there any problem happens with machine, we will repair it free of charge
Convenient training:  operation video is available,and we can provide the online face to face education
OEM/ODM services:  logo, language, interface can specially be designed 

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