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Whats Different Between Plasma Spot Removal Pen And Other Lower Price Spot Pen?
Oct 26, 2016

That is total difference between of  plasma spot removal pen and low price one. 

1.The lower price one use laser to removal dot and it need high  experience in operating ,if not, will be not safe for the skin. 

2.Lower price one  useage need more consumables needle ,that mean it use  very fast so that need buy more and more needle to replace.(need investment more  and more money to buy needle) 

3.After treatment will recurrence of the wound.NOT good effect. 

4.Some time treatment will be bleeding,Will leave a scar and not  safe. 

5.Energy is only suitable for removing some pigment nevus or lighter  mole.Remove less kinds of dot.   

   But our produts is  different: Medicine showed: plasma with a strong coagulation for eliminate nevi,     flat warts, wart, syringoma, corns, and other skin neoplasm, significantly better than laser, plasma, frozen, 

drug corrosion treatment.

Big different:"German maglev dot mole spot pen" this pen adopts the  Germany imported ultra-fine needles,

30 G spot beyond the point of mole on the market at present, the pen  use of ultra-fine needles more accurately to the target tissue. Skin wound is  only 0.06 mm.

German maglev dot mole spot pen spray flame is completely different from ordinary flame, it's on the carbide remove bad spots, microvascular rapid solidification can be made not bleeding; Has strong sterilization effect, can clean stain bacteria never relapse, but not damage the surrounding skin dermal tissue; Also make the skin to produce oil film, forming carbon scabs automatically protect the wound from infection, prompting wound healing fast, the day can be in contact with water (do not use lotions and soaps and other chemicals), a week or so carbon scabs fall off naturally, leaving no scars.

Treatment of advantage


• Remove  completelyInstantly remove skin vegetations, strong sterilization, Can effect a  radical cure never recur


• No  bleedingCan avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical  risk


• Without dressingWhile removing carbon knot scabs protect the wound, the wound is  healing fast


• Leaving no scarTreatment does not hurt dermal tissue, leaving no scar after healing  pits


• Easy  to usePlug-in out-of-the-box, can put a bag with you


• Economic and practicalNot need any consumable materials.

  Thanks for your compare.different price in  different quality.